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Efficient, Economical and Professional

Purvin Wai of EZ-Link Solutions provided me with great solutions to creating my first Web site in an efficient, economical and professional manner. He smoothed my transition into the world-wide Web for which I am very grateful.

Purvin Wai of EZ-Link Solutions has helped me immensely with all my technical needs and those of my clients.  He has been especially helpful with securing web domain names and launching new websites for clients whose knowledge and expertise is minimal.  His cool, calm professional support alleviates customers' stress and panic when rolling out new businesses and I am personally very grateful to Purvin for keeping my own business up to par with current technology standards.

Glenda Fordham
Fordham PR

Purvin Wai helped guide me through the entire registration process of setting up a new website for my business.  I had attempted to change from one site provider to another and was left twisting in the digital wind.  Purvin was highly recommended and immediately alleviated the burden of trying to navigate through this cyber-fog.  Purvin answered all our questions and took care of all the confusion and unknowns.  Purvin took care of the entire registration process and I was up and running in a few days.

Carolyn MeGill
Carolyn MeGill

We hired Purvin to design a website for our company.  He delivered a wonderful product timely, and cost-effectively that matched our needs exactly.  Instead of building it from the ground up, he helped us select an existing template that fit our image and saved us a lot of money.  He was very helpful with the networking and web hosting details.  He even took the picture for our website.  It has been a totally satisfying experience dealing with Purvin.

Elements of Knowledge
EoK Canada

Purvin worked very diligently to improve my website so it reached a very high level of appeal to my potential customers.  I can therefore highly recommend Purvin to put his total effort into accomplishing any task which he may be asked to tackle.

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