28 Jul 2014


Fordham PR is a great publicity, promotions and marketing person to deal with.  Based out of Toronto, Ontario, she has had a lot of experience with dealing with many types of people and she has a great ton of knowledge in her field as well.  At EZ-Link Solutions Inc., we had the opportunity to help re-design and manage their entire website!

28 Jul 2014

Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher is a well known as the character “Becky” from the TV show Degrassi.  Aside from doing acting, many people do not realize that she is also a model and a musician.  We were given the opportunity to take over her website in order to keep everything up to date.

The Australian Shop sells Australian clothing in Toronto.  We had the opportunity to help them redesign the entire layout of their website as their previous one was extremely confusing and was really outdated.  With this new layout not only does it look more appealing to the naked eye, but it is also a lot more easier to navigate around.

10th Richmond Hill Scout Group is a community based group for Scouts Canada.  This particular group allows children from ages 5 – 14 to take part of the program.  At EZ-Link Solutions Inc., our founder Purvin Wai, believes in giving back to the community or even helping the community out.  Therefore, in this case, we had the opportunity to develop and maintain their site in order to keep their image looking high.

Mike Velshi is a Canadian author who wrote about his family’s immigrant experience as they were travelling from India to Africa and finally arriving to Canada.  We had the opportunity in helping him link his work to the web and helped him setup his new press, FrangiPani Press.

Carolyn MeGill is a contemporary abstract and figurative painter who was born in Tokyo, Japan.  We had the opportunity to help her put her beautiful pieces of work on the web!

Joseph Procopio is one of Canada’s most awarded young filmmaker.  We had the opportunity to help them redesign their entire website to make it more modern and to implement and display their media more efficiently.

Elements of Knowledge located in Markham, Ontario is a place where students can get more help in subjects that they may be struggling in.  Their program runs for students who are in elementary school and goes all the way up to high school!  We had the opportunity to help the develop a new website where it modernized their previous website and helped develop their image to the public even more.

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